1) How does the application process work?  Once we’ve received your application, we’ll notify you via email within a week to 10 business days as to whether or not you’ve been accepted.  Next, you’ll receive a “formal invitation” by mail.  Return that ASAP along with payment to confirm your registration and request a space #.  About  4 weeks prior to the market, you’ll receive a “newsletter” by mail.  This newsletter will let you know your space #, as well as important information regarding check-in, unloading, taxes, etc.

2) How much are spaces?  $150 for a 10×12 space

3) Can I apply for more than one space? Yes

4) Is electricity available? Yes, for a $60 fee and must be vital to your craft (ie monogramming, embroidery, etc.)

5) Is there special parking for vendors:  NO, however, there is paid parking available

6) Do I need a tax ID #? No, taxes will be paid flea market day to the City of Canton.

7) What if it rains?  The flea market is on rain or shine

8) Can I bring merchandise that is not handmade? NO- the Courthouse Square is reserved for vendors with handmade/partially handmade items

9)  Where can I find out information about tour buses/parking?  Contact the Dept. of Tourism at 601.859.1307